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Melin Tregwynt

Melin Tregwynt

My husband’s family began visiting St Davids in West Wales in the 1960s. They camped in a farmer’s field on the penninsular overlooking St Davids Head and still have a caravan there. We have photographs, from five decades, of toddlers and teenagers enjoying the beautiful beaches and sheltering from the inevitable weather of any west coastal environment.

Particularly wet days were spent with tetchy youngsters visiting local sites - amongst them the Melin Tregwynt Woollen Mill at Castlemorris. This collection of old industrial buildings with their purpose marked in a no-nonsense way on the doors housed fascinating machinery dedicated to the production of traditional woollen blankets with timeless Welsh patterns marked out in colours that reflected the stunning local landscape.

In the 1980s the family run business was given a new lease of life by Eifion Griffiths, with new designs and colours, and today they sell their beautiful products globally to discerning customers with an eye for quality, authenticity and style. As an interior designer these fantastic products have found their way into many of my clients’ homes. They never fail to please and I have had follow up calls to order more for other rooms or for gifts for friends.

We absolutely love everything about this company, their proud tradition, great quality of service and their standing in the contemporary design world. We are delighted to present our collection of gorgeous bags, blankets and cushions in the Know & Love house colours.

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