The People We Know & Love



Here’s the ballad of my friend Katy.
We met in the 80’s and became rather matey.
She hails from the south and came to London
to seek her fortune and make her mark on
the world of fashion and textile design
and worked for Derek Healey and for Line.

Following her successful career in thread
Katy met Mr Right and was wed.
Two daughters later and that’s when we meet.
Kids at the same school - it’s all rather neat.

But wait! Our story’s more complex we find.
For our paths had crossed, our pasts were entwined.
Many shared friends, experiences, work places
That’s funny! We thought we knew each other’s faces!

From there our friendship blossomed and grew.
Volunteering together and socialising too.
Katy became a great support -
mentor, advisor, a general good sort.
The kind of friendship you cannot measure.
One to be valued and always treasure.

And now she’s making from gorgeous silk
lavender pillows to make you wilt
with desire, to covet and hold.
(Get them online before they’re all sold!)

But Katy’s famous for something else.
A skill of which you’d hardly guess.
Her poetry writing is quite legendary;
witty stories and commentary.
For a birthday or celebration time,
Katy will pen a clever rhyme.
So, Katy, without further ado -
here’s a poem just for you.

May 27, 2021

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