About us

Owner Karen Sims is an interiors stylist and location manager based in London. As part of her creative portfolio she has been working in the home interiors area for over a decade and her work has been featured in magazines and advertising for international clients. Karen's enthusiasm for colours and textures began at St Martins School of Art and developed in New York, Toronto and Stoke Newington, where as a multidisciplinary designer she is working across interiors and graphics, as a stylist, producer, designer and maker.

Along the way she has forged links and made friends with many talented designers and makers. It was during a conversation with partner Tim Leahy that Karen came up with the idea of curating their creative outputs and showcasing their work. Know & Love is all about personal connection and community. For every product there is a heartfelt story of friendship, family, memory or local connection.

The products are practical, stylish and mainly hand crafted homewares with an emphasis on simplicity, authenticity and natural materials.