The People We Know & Love



St Martins School of Art, Covent Garden in the 1980s was the halcyon equivalent of a playground for young dissenting creatives with a mission to disrupt and rebuild. Free from the shackles of a restricting curriculum and any visible signs of testing, for almost three years we ran riot through central London (a dream world for a wide eyed Nottingham lass like myself) questioning everything and revelling in the joy of finding ourselves in such a wonderful environment. Our incredible tutors ran a superb course which encouraged expression and nurtured talent. There were just 30 of us in my year and what a close knit bunch we were. Three couples are still married and friendships endure with regular reunions.

Kitty was to be found at the centre of this happy group and has continued to practice her typographic skills in the form of letterpress printing. After retiring early from the cut and thrust of London design consultancy life, to move to the country and bring up a family, she eventually returned to her initial love of typographic design via the craft-inspired route of letterpress print, using old cases of wood and metal type, and a small Farley hand proofing press to create simple and strong designs. As well as cards she has also produced souvenir posters for Glastonbury Festival and sets and prints her clients’ poems, producing unique, one-off framed pieces.

I love the selection of her cards we are selling at Know & Love. Simple, fun, direct images, perfectly executed and lovingly printed onto beautiful card. Ideal for that quick message to a friend.

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