The Pure Scent

Christmas Scented Candle,

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These scented candles bring the aroma of Christmas into your home. Rich, spicy mulled wine and delicious pine evoke a traditional Christmas. Available in several sizes.

All our soy wax candles are made with natural essential oils.

450g Approximately 60 hours of burning time
250g Approximately 45 hours of burning time
100g Approximately 28 hours of burning time
75g Approximately 18 hours of burning time


Approximate Burning Times: 18 Hours
Dimensions of the Glass: 55mm Diameter x 65mm Height
Dimensions of the Box: 73mm Height x 56mm Width x 56mm Dept
Approx. Net Weight: 75 Grams

The Pure Scent's candles are made from 100 % pure organic soy wax giving a pure, clean and lasting burn. Hand poured in London. 

We encourage you to have a first burning time of 3-4 hours and do not leave your candle unattended.