Edit Juhasz

Porcelain Creamer


It can work as a small bud vase and also serve your milk at the afternoon tea party.

Edit uses fine Royal porcelain for her handmade tableware. All of her work is hand-thrown on the potter’s wheel. She loves colours and mixes, experiments with recipes, and investigates the white porcelain body for vivid, sharp tones.
The tactile, handmade, high-fired mugs, jugs, and bowls are made for everyday use, to make you smile and appreciate the moment.

The shape and colour might differ slightly due to the pieces being made by hand.
All of the pieces are high-fired porcelain 1260C.

They are dishwasher and microwave-safe, although we suggest hand-washing as they are thinly thrown pieces

Size: Aprox 9cm high x 6.5cm diameter (4cm diameter at narrowest). Please note: these products are hand crafted and the sizes may vary slightly.