Multipurpose Cloths


100% cotton multi-purpose cloths are your go-to solution for all your cleaning needs.

Exceptionally absorbant, these versatile cloths are perfect for tackling a variety of tasks, from washing dishes to wiping down surfaces. Can even be use for cleaning bathrooms, dusting, or wiping mucky faces! With lots of different colours to choose from, you can have different sets for different needs - and be sure to find a shade that suits your decor.

Available in either a 25cm square size, with 5 cloths per pack.

Specially sourced waffle fabrics have incredible absorbency and are designed to withstand frequent use. These kitchen wipes will last for hundreds of washes! But when it comes to the end of its life, it will biodegrade as it's made from 100% natural fibres.

Simply squeeze out any excess water after each use and allow them to air dry. When it's time for a thorough clean, toss them in the washing machine with your regular laundry at 30 degrees Celsius.

Please expect a slight shrinkage when you first wash - this won't affect the performance at all and will actually make them more absorbant!

Make a conscious choice for your cleaning routine and opt for sustainable, long-lasting multi-purpose cloths.