Manzo design

Long Incense Holder


Let your incense elegantly burn in our best selling oblong incense holder. 

Helping you wind down for the evening or to energise the mind to go about the day ahead. 

Its minimal yet sleek design makes a beautiful addition into any home.

With a soft curved lip to neatly catch the falling ash. 

Available in 4 neutral colours

The incense holders are made from Jesmonite which is an ‘eco concrete’, solvent free, water based, sustainable material. 

There is silicone feet on the underside of each candle holder to ensure your surface doesn't get marked.

Each incense holder is handmade so small variations may occur, making each piece unique.

Manzo Design London, create decorative pieces, using variables of Jesmonite, which is an acrylic water based, sustainable material to create Terrazzo, Marble and other creative designs.

Each piece is carefully and intricately handmade and therefore unique, so you’ll be sure to own a one off piece of design.

Size: Height 11.5cm Width 11cm