85% Tanzania Dark Chocolate


Land Chocolate is made very close to us in Bethnal Green. Owner and maker Phil Landers (ex Mast Chocolate) produces a range of single origin and single bean bars using varieties of bean from south and central America.

These wonderfully complex and beautiful bars of chocolate are delicious and made from pure, natural ingredients. 

The 85% Tanzanian  is made using Kokoa Kamili cacao beans from the Kilombero Valley.

Tasting Notes: Dried fruit, apricot and hazelnut

Chocolate Maker's Notes:

"The chocolate has an unassuming start with humble notes of dried fruit. As it melts, one is hit by bellowing notes of apricot that are sustained all the way until joined by a finale of earthy impressions of hazelnut."

Ingredients: Cocoa bean, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter.


Made in a workshop that uses dairy, gluten and nuts.