Lab Tonica

Wellbeing Balm


These fabulous balms are designed to enhance your mood. Made locally to us in Clapton, North London by the wonderful Lab Tonica, each one has a different blend of essential oils to soothe, stimulate or enhance. Massage into pressure points for an indulgent experience.

Size: 20ml

Choose from:
Unplugged A unique blend of dreamy essential oils, combined with moisturising coconut and vitamin E, make this soothing sleep balm. Massage into pressure points before bed; breath in and then drift off.

Breathe A unique blend of calming essential oils combine with moisturising organic coconut and vitamin E to create this relaxing balm. When tension builds, massage into pressure points and peacefully inhale some ommmmmmm

Fend This dual action balm is blended with supportive essential oils that bolster the immune system and helps clear blocked airways. Massage into the chest and pressure points then inhale the goodness in.

Saucy A stimulating blend of heady essential oils merge with organic coconut and vitamin E to create this indulgent balm. Massage sensually over the body and into pressure points to enjoy the ooooh la la.

Pow An invigorating blend of essential oils fused with moisturising organic coconut and vitamin E, create this energising balm. When reserves are running on low, massage into pressure points to recharge those batteries.