Flecked Clay Egg Cups (Pair)
Andrea Roman

Flecked Clay Egg Cups (Pair)

Egg cups by East London based ceramic designer Andrea Roman. Carefully hand thrown [in her communal brick walled studio] using flecked clay and finished with gloss white glaze. Flecks from clay come through the glaze giving them a natural tactile earthy feel. Andrea takes her inspiration from the rocks, sand and soil she finds along her journey.

These are meant to be egg cups but you could also use them as sake cups!

4.5cm diameter x 3.5cm high

Please Note: What makes these pieces so special is their handmade individuality. The sizes are approximate and the shape and finish of each item will vary. Sometimes the glaze is heavily speckled and sometimes just subtly speckled. This is due to the position of each piece inside the kiln; if it was in an higher temperature area, flecks will come stronger through the glaze, it makes it a bit unpredictable and we think this only adds character to each piece.  But however your piece turns out - you know it's unique!