Kiondo Natural Paper Basket


Mifuko's baskets are fantastic. Hand crafted from paper and sisal, by women's self help groups in rural villages and small workshops in cities in Kenya. Using traditional Kenyan craftsmanship combined with contemporary Scandinavian design, they are easy-to-maintain, durable and versatile and will keep your home organised.

With their clean design and lovely handwoven textures Kiondos are both beautiful and functional, but also environmentally sustainable and ethically produced. Kiondos are produced following the principles of Fair Trade and help bring secure incomes and fair working conditions to Kenyan artisans.

Material: Sisal and paper

Extra Small: 16cm Height x 15 cm Diameter
Small: 24cm Height x 21cm Diameter
Medium: 30cm Height x 28cm Diameter

Mifuko's products are produced following the principles of fair trade. Their partner self help groups and workshops employ slum youth, people with disabilities and people with economically disadvantaged rural backgrounds.

All Mifuko products are handmade. There isn’t a lot of money invested - materials and skilled hands are all that is needed. By demand, maintaining a traditional skill pays off and is passed on to the younger generation. For the artisans Mifuko is an opportunity to improve their skills and invest in their workshops for increased income.

Mifuko is a certified member of World Fair Trade Organization WFTO.